Flow Selector

There’s only a limited number of nodes you can put in a flow before the editor gets cramped and/or the flow gets too complicted. Larger systems and complicated flows can usually be broken down into multiple flows.

Exred supports multiple flows and groups them into services.

Note currently there’s no support for subflows and connections between flows. Both of these will be implemeted in the future. There’s also no way to add new services yet.


Adding Flows
Open the flow selector (click on the arrow in the top left corner of the navigation bar). This will open the flow selector sidebar.
To add a new flow either click on the big plus button or select Add Flow from the Service’s menu.

Deleting Flows
Select Delete in the flow’s menu.

Note: there’s no confirmation dialog however you need to delete all nodes and connections first before you can delete the flows (this will most likely change in a future release)